Who we are & What we do

Whitestone DCI or WSDCI is a Real Estate Development consulting and services company in the city of Los Angeles focused on helping both investors and homeowners maximize the potential of their Real Estate properties through zoning ordinance expertise.


We’re part of the whole process.

At the core of development is code interpretation, relationships with city officials, and a network of project professionals. We have all of these handled and that's why developers, architects, engineers, and homeowners all come to us when they need a leader to organize their project team and obtain approvals.

We are the gatekeepers of your development agenda. Entitlements, Strategy, Permits, we handle the approval process.


Unique projects require specific answers.

Do you have questions related to the intricacies of a private street? Are you considering the path of small lot subdivision versus rental apartments?

Perhaps you are building in the hillside and you don't understand the city's regulations regarding retaining walls and grading. We understand zoning and building code and will interpret these questions as professionals.


More units, higher returns.

If you are seeking highest and best use on your property you'll want our expertise to guide you. If you are a homeowner investing into your future and are trying to achieve that dream setup, we'll help you.

Real Estate in Southern California is an investment of your time and your money - make sure you have professionals in your corner... work with us.


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