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Whitestone DCI or WSDCI is a Real Estate Development consulting and services company in the city of Los Angeles focused on helping both investors and homeowners maximize the potential of their Real Estate properties through zoning ordinance expertise.

Small Lot Subdivision

Negotiations, Inspection Liaison
We help with a variety of building typologies and are part of the greater conversation to add more housing in Los Angeles. Small Lot Subdivisions, Condominium Tract Maps, and Townhomes are all key players in creating a more diverse way of living in Los Angeles.

Thrasher Avenue

Remodel, Site Planning & Approval
This home welcomes high flying residents into the famed "Bird Streets" of the Hollywood Hills. This project is a case study of the work ethic and determination at our company. Whitestone negotiated with the city to allow the impossible: a second driveway and addition of private parking in the front yard of a corner lot, managing the process through inspections to ensure full compliance and approval. While we don't make promises we can't keep, most issues at the city can be resolved in some way through communication and strategic process.

Glassell Park

Diligence & Site Planning
This is a distinct 16-Villa development in Glassell Park designed by Holtz-Architecture. WSDCI has been involved from the beginning of this project, completing utilities & zoning diligence, site and road planning,  and coordinating between professionals. This project is currently for sale with plans. Glassell Park has become the latest neighborhood in the "NELA" region of LA that developers and new homeowners have been watching for its proximity to downtown, hillside properties, and price points under $1 Million. These homes are expected to list for $1.5M setting a new bar in the neighborhood.

Famous LA Modernist Homes

Historic Preservation, Addition Remodel & Inspection Liaison
We've been fortunate in our office to have access to projects which not only excite the contemporary enthusiast, but also the students of history. Whitestone has been engaged in a variety of services from minor to major remodels of Modernist Masterpieces by famous architects like John Lautner and Richard Neutra. We owe our associates over at Escher GuneWardena for bringing us in on their exciting projects. Here are a few we write home about. 1531 Tigertail, The Chemosphere House & Aldon Schwimmer residence.

Hollywood Commercial Property

Identify & Increase Revenue
Whitestone entered this contract through processing of on-site signage and quickly moved to identify additional revenue streams not being utilized, through the addition of off-site advertising allowable within the Hollywood Improvement District and through utilization of California's improved ADU ordinance to add rental units to the property.

Commercial Office in Beverly Hills

Diligence & TI
Whitestone completed diligence and site planning to determine best path forward for this plastic surgeon’s office seeking to add floor area.

Valley Home

Addition & Remodel
Here are two separate masterfully done remodel additions designed by multi-disciplinary architectural firm CH-Herrero. WSDCI has performed site diligence and building envelope studies while working closely with the architects to address conditions as they arise. We're thrilled to be working on projects such as these with young, intelligent, ambitious designers.
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ADU- High End

Accessory Dwelling Unit
Here is another example of the excellent craft of CH-Herrero on display with this ADU which will be used as a guest house and recreational use combination on a hillside overlooking the property. Negotiations with LA Fire Department influenced the materials used in this design.


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